"Toothache" by Moats on Singapore.

Indie Pop, Math Rock, Alternative.

"Down the Field" by Football, etc. on Football, etc./Plaids split 7”.

Midwest, Emo, Twinkle.

Racket" by Glen Check on Haute Couture.

Indie Pop, 80’s Revival, Korean Indie.

Think I Wanna Die" by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin on Pershing.

Lo-Fi, Indie Pop, Indie Rock.

All I Could Find Was You" by Dowsing on All I Could Find Was You.

Midwest Emo, Indie, Pop.

"ハッピーアイスクリーム" by The Mirraz on TOP OF THE FACK’N WORLD.

J-Rock, Indie, Alternative.